Our Pest Control Experts Offer Three Tips for Mosquito Control in Live Oak, Texas

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Mosquitos can make those summer nights in the backyard difficult to enjoy. They are attracted to sugary drinks and the light from fires and can quickly take a bite of skin if you’re not careful. To help you address mosquito challenges around your home in Live Oak, Texas, our pest control experts are offering the following three mosquito control tips.

1. Remove Standing Water

Mosquitos thrive in areas of standing and stagnant water. Try to eliminate all pooling water around your home and prevent them from having a site on which to build their numbers.

2. Use Bug Lights

Use yellow light bulbs to replace traditional lighting around your home. Bug lights are relatively inexpensive and can reduce bug numbers around the home significantly

3. Keep Grass Mown

Another area in which mosquitos tend to thrive is in long grass. Here, they can hide out and avoid detection by predators, ready to fly around and seek out food sources at night. Try to keep your lawn at a short level and watch out for areas with high levels of bug activity.

Our trusted team at Family Pest Control can offer removal services that mitigate the impact of mosquitos on your home! To learn more from our pest control experts in Live Oak, Texas, contact us now.