Customer FAQs

Q: I hear noises in my attic. How can I tell if I have rats, mice, squirrels, etc.?

Answer : The best way to tell what critter is in an attic is for an experienced person to physically inspect the attic in the cool of the morning, looking for animal skat (droppings, poop). Rats will leave depressed trails in your insulation where they construct “highways” throughout the attic, and large grain-sized black droppings will be deposited every 12″ or so. Rats can usually be heard scurrying around throughout the night, while squirrels will be heard in the early evening and morning hours. Louder, slower footsteps and occasional heavy thumps may indicate the presence of o’possums or raccoons. Look outside of your home’s structure to see if there are any holes or damaged vents. Rats leave a grey “rub mark” where their oily fur discolors the wood, brick or stone around the entrance hole. Squirrels often chew the wood edges of eaves near where they made a hole – usually where roof angles join together.

Q: How can I know if I have Fire Ants on my property?

Answer : Fire Ants are the only species of ant in Texas that will climb up a stick used to poke or disturb a nest or marching trail, trying to get to your hand. Other signs typical of fire ants are large ant hills showing up in the yard – especially after a warm rain. In summer drought conditions, the ant nests are moved further underground, so mounds are not present, even though the fire ants are still active. They are a small to medium size and are reddish in color. There are several species of fire ants in Texas, so size is not always an identifying factor. Fire Ants stings always results in the formation of a pustule (blister) and the sting pattern is usually in a line, rather then randomly scattered.

Q: Does your company use organic, natural chemicals?

Answer : We can treat your home using natural or botanic pesticides only. Since most “organic” chemicals are not as effective or as long-lasting as most synthetic pesticides, we may have to increase the frequency of treatment services or shorten our warranty period if the pest problems persist.

Q: Are chemicals really necessary to keep bugs from entering homes in San Antonio?

Answer : Many homes are constructed tighter than others and some neighborhoods have lower insect populations than others. However, no home will forever be free of the occasional ant, roach, wasp, silverfish, etc. Once these insects find a hiding place inside, it may not be long before their numbers explode. At that point, insecticides are usually the most expedient and cost-effective way to remedy the problem.