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Here at Family Pest Control, we have over 35 years’ experience in delivering high quality pest control services to clients across the region. This means we know the challenges clients in San Antonio, Texas face when it comes to bed bug control and removal. Fortunately, we offer extremely effective and cost saving treatments to help remove bed bugs from your property!

If you’ve been following the latest reports, you’ll know that bed bugs are found everywhere. They don’t distinguish between modest homes and luxury properties. They’re found in large family homes, movie theaters, hospitals and across our transportation system. Any location in which people live and work, bed bugs can be found. They’re also experts at hitching a ride onto clothing, shoes, backpacks, and suitcases. This has helped support their increasing numbers across the country. And you can’t remove them on your own – despite what you might read about the latest miracle solution.

Our trained Bed Bug removal experts have a three step process to ensure complete removal of Bed Bugs from infested homes.


The first step in the process is to identify the bed bugs within the home. Here at Family Pest Control, we employ the leading bed bug experts in the local marketplace. They can complete a walkthrough of the property to look for bugs and identify the type of bugs you have on your home.


A combination of heat, chemicals, and bedding enclosure tools can be used to isolate the bed bugs within the home and remove them from the property. Because the bed bugs can be persistent in laying eggs and remaining in the home over many months, we continue this process over a period of time to ensure full elimination.


Our final analysis will involve inspecting the entire home and then working with you to determine whether you’ve experienced bed-bug related issues in the months since treatment. Our work is only completed when the final signs of a bed bug intrusion are eliminated.

Ready to get started?

It takes professional guidance to remove bed bugs from a property, and we’re the local specialists in San Antonio, Texas for bed bug control and removal. Contact us today at 210-681-5094 or visit our website at if you suspect a bed bug problem in your property.

To begin the bed bug removal process and ensure successful long-term removal, please follow these eight steps:

  1. Properly identify the existence of bed bugs. Remember: not all bite symptoms are caused by bed bugs.
  2. Keep the bedrooms and sitting rooms free of clutter. Vacuum frequently.
  3. Place bed bug approved encasements on all mattresses and box springs.
  4. Use climb-up monitors under all bed and headboard support legs.
  5. Move the entire bed and headboard away from walls and furniture. Avoid using bed skirts.
  6. Launder bedding often while keeping a sharp eye out for insects and blood stains on linens and mattress/ box spring seams.
  7. Seal baseboard and switch cover seams with caulking. Dust lightly around baseboard, headboard, mattress seams and under furniture with a silica-based powder. Diatomaceous earth does not last very long in our humid South Texas environment.
  8. If someone in your home is waking up with small, reddish welts that they didn’t have before going to bed, call our removal team immediately. Then place sticky glue traps in rooms to identify if fleas may instead be the culprit.
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