Residential Pest Control Services

Have unwelcome insects or rodents taken up residence in your home? A pest problem can be more than just annoying. It can damage your home, cause health problems for you and your family, and create an unsafe (and unnerving) environment in which to live.

Get Dependable, Effective Service
Family Pest Control provides prompt, reliable, hassle-free residential pest control services designed to get rid of the bugs or rodents and give you peace of mind. We proudly offer a comprehensive range of pest control and prevention solutions. Count on us for attentive, personalized, professional service to help you create safe, healthy, pest-free environments in and around your home.

Household Pest Treatments

Pest Control Cleanout:

Treatment includes coverage of all closets, plumbing cabinets, garage, along baseboards, cracks & crevices, and ceiling corners. A ten foot “Barrier of Defense” will be power sprayed around your home’s perimeter.
All decking and patios will be treated, as well as the attic.

Quarterly Maintenance:

Treatment is the same as the Pest Control Cleanout with the exception of treating the attic. Quarterly Services are performed only after an initial Pest Control Cleanout, and then on a regular 3 month schedule.

Additional Services

Total Yard Treatment:

Treatment consists of an application of a residual pesticide to all areas of the lawn and under shrubs and trees.

Flea Treatment:

Application of a combination of several long-residual pesticides and an insect growth regulator inside your home and in the yard. Kills adult biting fleas, and prevents eggs and pupa from developing into adults.

Fire Ant Treatment:

One year warranty against the return of fire ant nests in your yard and shrub / flower beds

Carpenter Ant Treatment:

All roof eaves, window casings, bedding mulch and nearby trees and shrubs are treated with a non-repellant pesticide to ensure that enough poison is carried by the worker ants to be fed to the queen and her brood. The attic is also treated.

Mosquito Control:

High velocity mist application of insecticide to underside of foliage throughout your yard. Reduces population by
95% to 75% for one month.

Lawn and Ornamentals :

Fertilization (granular) – Disease Control & Prevention – Insect Control – Weed Control & Prevention

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